About An Sithean Press

An Sithean Press is a registered publishing imprint of MacAvon Media, which is the publishing business of MacAvon Media Productions, a Scottish business partnership created in 1996 by Nigel and Jenny Chapman. We are based in a beautiful and remote coastal area of the West Highlands of Scotland.

An Sithean Press publishes children's books, at present exclusively books derived from the Adventures of Algy. We also produce original greetings cards and other merchandise related to these books. An Sithean Press books are available in hardback, paperback and Kindle e-book editions.

Brief notes about each of us are presented below. For more detailed information CVs, please follow the links to our professional profiles on LinkedIn.

Jenny Chapman

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Jenny Chapman is a professional writer and artist, and an award-winning animator and filmmaker whose short films have won prizes in film festivals around the world. A graduate of Edinburgh College of Art and The University of Leeds, she is the creator of the The Adventures of Algy, and author of the Tales from The Adventures of Algy. She is also co-author of major college textbooks, and author of a popular trade book on Web animation.

Check out Jenny's Amazon Author Page, connect with Jenny on Facebook, and see more of her work on these sites:

The Adventures of Algy
The Adventures of Algy Tumblr blog or
Algy's own blog

Jenny has the following formal qualifications:

Nigel Chapman

Nigel Chapman is a highly experienced Web developer and typesetter, and an internationally respected author of major textbooks and professional books on Web design and development, digital media and programming languages.

A graduate of Cambridge University, Nigel Chapman has taught and studied at several of the world’s best universities. Nigel was a Lecturer then Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at University College London for 11 years, and formerly a Lecturer in Computing Science at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). He has the following formal qualifications